Professor Mahmood Golabchi

Mahmood Golabchi is a full professor (grade 60) at the Faculty of Architecture of Tehran University of Fine Arts and the founder of Pars University. He is an author, researcher and professor in the fields of architecture and civil engineering at the Faculty of Architecture of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Faculty at the University of Tehran.

Life and Education

Mahmood Golabchi was born in Mashhad on August 30, 1336 and started his studies in the same city in 1342 and graduated from Shahreza High School in 1354 with the first rank in Khorasan province. He started his higher education at Tehran University Technical Faculty and in 1359 he completed his bachelor’s degree and in 1362 he completed his master’s degree with the first rank in the field of civil engineering (road and construction). He became a member of the faculty of Tehran University due to his first rank in the technical faculty of Tehran University, and in 1372, after ten years of academic and academic activity, as well as authoring and publishing books and articles in the field of structure and architecture, in order to continue his studies in Ph.D. He left England. In 1375, Mahmood Golabchi received a PHD degree in road and construction engineering with a expertise in structures from Leeds University, and in 1376, he successfully completed a post-doctorate in building systems at Leeds University.

A part of honors, scientific and executive Resumes

Mahmood Golabchi is a Ever-lasting Name in the field of road and construction in 1389 and received the UNESCO Chair in Islamic Architecture in 1390. He is the founder of Pars university in 2012. The titles of distinguished researcher (in 1389), distinguished researcher (in 1388) and Distinguished Engineer of the country (in 1389) are among the positions he has achieved. So far, 18 of his more than 80 books have been selected as selected books.

Mahmood Golabchi has been a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Tehran University of Fine Arts since 1362, and his teaching experience in 1996-1993 at Leeds University is also recorded in his Resumes. Since 1379, he has been the founder and head of the fields of architectural technology and project and construction management in the master’s and doctoral degrees in this university, and he is the distinguished professor of the country (in 1388). Among his other positions are the management of graduate and  PHD education units, management of architectural technology and construction management groups, member of the academic council and executive council of the architectural technology pole of the University of Tehran, member of the working group for recruiting faculty members of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts Campus in University of Tehran pointed out.

Member of the National Building Regulations Development Council, Chairman of the Council of New Construction Technologies, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Iranian Architecture Honors Association, Member of the Culture and Civilization Committee of the Cultural Revolution Council, Senior Advisor to national and international specialized organizations in the field of architecture and civil engineering, Senior Advisor Astan Quds Razavi, the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Architectural Technology and the founder of the Academic Pole of Architectural Technology at Tehran University, is also mentioned in his executive Resumes.