Research Projects

National & international

Application of nanotechnology and digital architecture in building design (part one: historical background and past achievements)

The application of nanotechnology and digital architecture in the design of buildings (part two: the necessities and needs of today)

The application of nanotechnology and digital architecture in the design of buildings (part three: how to build the future)

The behavior of arches and domes in Iranian architecture, the integration of architecture and structure

New technologies for retrofitting historical monuments with minimal intervention and preserving the originality of works of art and architecture (case study: religious historical monuments in Iranian architecture)

Adaptability of new technologies and industrial production of buildings with sustainable values in Iranian architecture

The application of artificial intelligence in choosing the appropriate structural system in architectural designs (case study: tall buildings)

Investigating the technological needs of today’s Iranian society in order to develop a comprehensive plan for architectural technology education

Solutions to expand the use of construction systems and new materials in order to lighten and make buildings more resistant

Examining two theoretical and practical methods in teaching structural courses to architecture students

A research on the behavior of building architectural components against earthquakes (window case study)

Organizing and systematizing engineering knowledge and technical experiences in the field of building systems selection

Comparison of the amount of destruction of different types of newly constructed buildings in the Qaenat region earthquake

Investigating the damages caused by the disproportionate implementation of the buildings damaged by the earthquake in Qaenat region

Examining the conditions and position of tall buildings in Iran and providing suitable models in terms of architectural performance

Studies, review and compilation of Islamic-Iranian urban design planning criteria

Improving construction methods in traditional architecture and adapting new technologies, materials and new construction methods to different climates of the country in order to realize sustainable values in Iran’s architecture and urban planning.

Requirements for the application of construction industry technologies in creating desirable housing

Investigating the energy architecture of vernacular buildings and modern buildings in Iran with the circular economy and regenerative design approach in order to redesign flexible houses in the hot and dry/semi-dry climate

Smart Design Solutions

Infrastructure Project Management

Breathe Brick

The Role of Participation of Users in the Design Process in Achieving Social Sustainability in House Industry in Iran-Case Study: Parand Town-Tehran

Developing parenting Theory in Project Based Organizations