Dissertations and thesis under the guidance of Professor Mahmood Golabchi at University of Tehran and Pars University

2022MastersHoma HassanzadehBuilding performance design and optimization from the point of view of safe emergency evacuation during fire, case study: high-rise building
2022MastersAram AlizadeganParametric optimization of tall building facade form by investigating the effect of wind force
2022MastersAli NakhaiUsing artificial neural network in architecture design with deep learning approach
2021PHDSeyyed Hossein HosseiniPresenting an integrated model to evaluate the sustainability of projects of improvement and renovation of worn-out urban fabric under conditions of uncertainty
2020PHDAida Rahimi GolkhandanIdentifying methods of providing flexibility in Iranian public-private partnership projects in facing income risk, with the help of natural options
2020MastersAlireza Mohammadi BaghbananForm finding and computational design of tall building with commercial-office use using topological optimization against lateral loads.
2020MastersMarjan HosseinzadehDesign of Tehran Informatics Center using adaptive approach
2020PHDArzu Faizullah BegiAnalysis of theoretical and practical geometry in the construction of two discrete shell domes of Nar Safavi and its effect on the seismic stability of these domes.
2020MastersVahid KaliaiDesigning a high-rise office building with the approach of using Iranian architectural geometry (Shape grammar)
2020MastersNima YazdaniProviding a conceptual framework of key indicators in the effectiveness of project portfolio management
2019MastersMasoume ShastiInvestigating folded sheet structures with the aim of structural and form improvement in the design of a multi-purpose stadium for five thousand people
2019MastersZahra Shoja ShafiiThe application of artificial intelligence in the selection of parameters related to the formation of the structure with a focus on increasing the role of the designer, a case study: residential-cultural complex with the aim of developing the coastal wall of Ramsar city.
2019MastersNarjes MateliProposing an adaptable model of prefabricated architectural elements in temporary housing (redesign of Chitgar temporary housing complex)
2019MastersFatemeh Dehghani FirouzabadiImproving the quality of the interior space of high-rise buildings in terms of comfort conditions and energy efficiency can meet LEED standards (Ministry of Petroleum Office Building Design).
2019MastersSaba Fatahi TabasiInvestigating To algorithms in long exoskeleton structures against lateral load with the aim of integrating architecture and structure (multifunctional tall building design)
2019PHDEsmatullah NoorzaiDesigning a suitable structure in order to increase the integration of mass housing methods based on IPD principles with a focus on time and cost optimization
2019MastersAmir Adel ShamshirgaranDevelopment of a framework for automatic assessment of sustainability in infrastructure projects with an approach based on machine learning.
2019PHDMohammad ZareDevelopment of a framework for automatic assessment of sustainability in infrastructure projects with an approach based on machine learning.
2019MastersMohammadreza FatahiOrganizing resettlement plans after the disaster with the help of robotic technologies
2018MastersBahar FaghihiOptimizing the geometry of network structures inspired by the model of the leaf-forming network
2018MastersFarzaneh MushtaqianIdentification of project risks in the area of feasibility with the help of BIM
2018MastersHadi RahimiNature, technology, sustainability of Mars One settlement design
2018PHDAzam JafariSeismic requirements of the facade of the building (examination of suitable implementation solutions for the facade to minimize damages during an earthquake)
2018MastersMehrzad Esmaili CharkhabThe use of four-dimensional printing technology in the design of an adaptable shell inspired by nature in the design of Mashhad’s book garden
2018MastersArmaghane Farah DekhtPresenting natural self-organizing algorithms in dynamic architecture, with a robotic approach: (Iranian pavilion design at UAE Expo 2020)
2018PHDSohail ArabicThe requirements of the framework of legal requirements for sustainable development in the infrastructure projects of Tehran
2018MastersSeyyed Ahsan Abu TorabiDesigning a robotics research center with a robotics approach
2018MastersAhmad AlishahFilm Studio (creating an interaction between architecture and cinema in the form of tall building design for cinematic functions with an optimal form finding approach based on performance)
2017PHDMohammad Jafari ShaharakiInnovation in construction technologies by using value engineering, Triez algorithm and hierarchical analysis process according to design and construction management indicators, case study: steel deck composite roof
2017PHDEhsan Soroush NiaDesigning a methodology for measuring the progress of projects (based on Fourier’s heat transfer theorem)
2017MastersSorna Soleimani TababProviding solutions for using social media in project communication management
2017MastersReza MohammadiInvestigating the role of personality types of project managers in the success of construction projects based on the MBTI index
2017MastersFateme Sadat LotfianForm finding and weight optimization of structures inspired by biological patterns in the algorithmic design of biological research center
2017MastersYaganeh KhaliliIT center design using digital manufacturing methods
2017MastersMilad Sadegh FarLocating temporary urban settlements after the disaster using methods based on computer design and designing these settlements in Chitgar Park, Tehran.
2017MastersIrfan alMasiDesigning a space worker structure with a free form based on the advancing front method – design of the international automobile exhibition in Tehran
2017MastersArman AkbariPresenting an improved model for determining the length of the concession period in public-private partnership projects – a case study of the construction and operation of the desalination facility and the Chabahar water transmission line using the BOT method
2017MastersShervin DanshiFinding the optimal structural form inspired by natural self-organizing structures in the design of a multi-functional tower (high-rise building design)
2017MastersSina HaghigizadehEmergence in architecture using self-organizing algorithms with bottom-up design method in the design of residential complex in Tehran city with the approach of studying and analyzing human interactions.
2017MastersFaeze SabbaghianDesigning a sustainable model for temporary accommodation after a disaster
2017MastersFereshte khojastemehrRecognizing the solutions of Iranian architecture in covering wide openings (case example: design of the conference center of Mashhad city in Koh Sangi Park)
2017MastersArin YousefiUsing methods based on computer-aided design in the revival of traditional architecture to design a sustainable desert residential complex in Shahdad city with a parametric architecture approach.
2017MastersErfan KhaksarReducing the cost deviation of infrastructure projects by increasing the integrity during the project life cycle
2017MastersAlireza TimuriExamining different aspects of the effective leadership style of project managers in projects
2017MastersFatemeh Sadat NaseriOptimizing the structure of high-rise buildings with free form – design of the educational research center for new construction technologies
2017MastersNestern TavakoliProviding a flexible pricing framework in public-private partnership projects to respond to key uncertainties
2017MastersAli BustaniProviding a methodical optimization framework, risk allocation in public-private projects in Iran’s road construction industry
2017MastersHojjat AlipourPresenting a sustainable architectural approach for sports stadiums in the design of the second phase of Saman Al-Aameh Stadium in Mashhad
2017PHDAmirreza ArdakaniInvestigating the effect of the form of tall buildings on their structural performance based on the parametric process
2017MastersAida Mir NazhaiyanOptimizing the form and structure of a tall building using a genetic algorithm for the parametric design of a multi-functional tall building in Tehran
2017MastersAli QazvinianInvestigating the effect of changes in the form of a tall building with a tubular frame structural system on the prevailing lateral force
2016MastersHossein KhalifeDesigning a sustainable self-sufficient neighborhood unit in Lebanon and optimizing building architecture to reduce energy consumption
2016MastersEsmail MotaghiInterpreting and analyzing the geometry of Iranian architectural motifs to achieve novel forms; Iranian residential tower
2016PHDSeyyed Zia HosseiniProviding solutions for the implementation of strategic project management in urban management, the feasibility of implementing urban development strategy plans (cds) in Kabul
2016MastersMohammad ShaheswarThe interaction of computational geometry with the morphology of tall buildings to achieve new patterns – multi-functional tall building design
2016MastersNasrin RezaeiProviding design patterns for intermediate buildings using digital algorithms (designing an intermediate building in the historical context of Dezful)
2016MastersHamidreza GhafouriPresenting the evaluation model and financial decision making of projects using BIM building information modeling
2016MastersMehdi AghamohammadiDesigning a model to implement the basics, principles and criteria of sustainability in project management process groups
2016MastersMohammad Zaman AskariExaming barriers to attracting foreign investment In Afghanistan infrastructure
2016MastersSina SalimzadehRegularizing the harmonics of the astronaut structure and reducing the number of modules using the PSO optimization algorithm: Azadi Stadium roof design
2016MastersAnse SoleimaniThe application of parametric architecture in the design of high-rise residential buildings based on the optimization of energy consumption in finding the appropriate form of Iranian architectural nodes.
2016MastersOmid AbbasiProviding a framework to improve the time performance of construction projects based on the capabilities of building information modeling (BIM).
2016MastersFaiza YadollahiDesigning the roof of the Azadi sports complex using new technologies in the structure of the astronaut
2016MastersFarzaneh Sadat HosseiniForm finding with the help of physical forces acting on the structure using dynamic relaxation method, Design Institute of Lightweight Structures
2016MastersSanaz AmiriThe application of parametric architectural processes in the design of open and closed roofs inspired by nature; Botanical garden design in the National Botanical Garden of Iran
2016MastersShakiba AhmadiExtraction of design patterns based on internal developmental processes in natural systems of structure design based on bone structure by topology optimization method (Design of Mashhad Architecture and Structure Research Center)
2016MastersArman Khalil Beigi KhameneInvestigating the role of connection topology in form finding and optimization of chain mesh shells: Designing the exhibition of technological achievements – science and technology park
2016MastersMohammad Mehdi AbbaspourExamining the characteristics of the project manager from the perspective of Islam and comparing it with the international standards of Ethics and ICB and presenting a unified model in that direction.
2015MastersSarah MehbodThe application of building information modeling in providing a tower crane placement optimization model in construction workshops (with a case study)
2015MastersYasman TahoniExtracting the morphogenesis algorithm from biological samples for the algorithmic design of mesh shells (designed by Tehran Genetics Research Center)
2015PHDAmir FarajiThe strategic planning model of the project with the approach of non-linear dynamic systems
2015MastersAzade BermaniThe application of bioluminescence phenomenon and biosynthesis materials in the design of smart building shells, a case example: design of the Biotechnology Research and Development Center of Tehran University
2015MastersEhsan BagheriPresenting the maturity model of knowledge management in project-oriented organizations active in the construction industry
2015MastersMaleehe Sadat TabatabaiThe use of artificial intelligence in reducing the wastage of building materials (case study: optimal design of tiling)
2015PHDFariborz KarimiWays to improve the morphological characteristics of tall buildings (the use of factors affecting the desirable visual effects of tall buildings)
2015Mastersmojalale hematiPresenting a hybrid task algorithm in solving the problem of “project scheduling with limited resources” and reaching better solutions
2015MastersHossein Karam QashqaeiInvestigating the influence of communication skills on the behavioral competence of project managers
2015MastersFarnaz najar mojarabEnvironmental assessment algorithm in Iranian construction projects (with the approach of choosing environmentally friendly materials for residential buildings with decision-making methods with multiple MCDM criteria)
2015MastersBehzad MahjoubpourModeling the impact of interactions between work groups on the productivity of human resources using the agent-based modeling approach
2015MastersMitra PurvaziriOptimizing the project environment with the aim of increasing efficiency, improving relationships and reducing manpower costs
2015MastersBita AkhgarMaranjab desert landscape building with the approach of using technologies based on preserving the environment and nature
2014MastersLeila NooriUsing smart algorithms in optimizing natural structures suitable for designing high-rise buildings (Milad Tehran Phase 2 project design)
2014MastersAmir HeydariInvestigating the impact of using BIM on the areas of project management knowledge in the country’s construction industry
2014MastersMilad RezazadehRecognizing effective criteria in the design of high-rise buildings using algorithmic architectural principles
2014MastersElham MotaghiDesigning an expert system and combining it with hierarchical analysis of modern construction methods in the direction of sustainable development
2014Masterskhodayar bandarianThe methods of creating combined forms in networked space structures (embroidered forms), designing a car exhibition in Tehran
2014MastersAli Andaji GarmarodiParametric design in architecture, the basics of system design, optimizing the configuration of the cover of free surfaces by genetic algorithm
2014MastersTakanori OkuyamaSeismic improvement of historical buildings, case example: Soltanieh Dome
2014MastersMojdeh TabeshProviding a model for dynamic placement of workshop equipment in non-linear construction projects using artificial intelligence
2014MastersMorteza KhorsandnikoOptimizing the form and structure in order to achieve earthquake-resistant structures with the approach of bionic architecture (designing a high-rise building)
2013MastersRamtin Khaltabari ZamanpourThe use of artificial intelligence in optimizing the selection of housing materials in the hot and dry climate of Iran. Design subject: Tourism complex – desert accommodation
2013MastersLeila HojjatA research on the religious buildings of the Islamic period of Iran and modern construction technologies (designing the Silk Mosque at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, as a crossing of the Silk Road)
2013MastersHoman YarmohammadiEvaluation of the effects of the BIM building information model in the construction industry and its implementation in a construction project
2013MastersOmid TasaPresenting a model for risk management of key urban projects (title registered in the Central Library: risk assessment of key urban projects using the FMEA method)
2013MastersHadi TalkhabiInvestigating the causes of contracting claims and its impact on the cost of design and construction projects in the country
2013MastersMohsen PourmasoodiDesign of tall buildings based on the combination of shape grammar and genetic algorithms (residential tower design in Tehran’s Quds settlement)
2013MastersAli Farhad BayatProviding optimal solutions to improve and increase the participation of the private sector in order to finance infrastructure projects in Afghanistan
2013MastersMojgan AhmadiApplying effective and transformational detailed planning in improving the performance and productivity of large national projects at the same time as controlling the project activities in the working operational units, a case study of the oil and petrochemical industry.
2013MastersMojtaba AmiriPresenting the Safety Unit Competence Maturity Model (SDMM) in project-oriented organizations with the approach of implementing the model in the country’s construction industry
2013MastersMaryam RezayatIdentifying the needs and opportunities of using 4D Building Information Modeling (BIM4) in improving project management in Iran’s downstream oil industries.
2013MastersMohammad Sharif KhaniPresenting the industrial production process of the building using CAD/CAM technology, designing a residential complex based on the industrial production process of the building
2013MastersZahra SafaiFormex folding of free-form casks by using new and faraz functions and design of bird garden in Mashhad
2013MastersElham YousefiThe application of artificial intelligence in designing a decision model for claim management in construction projects
2013MastersJale SharifiInvestigating the process of creativity formation in architectural and structural interaction designs in the design of the moving cover of the courtyard of the Abbasi Jame Mosque in Isfahan
2013PHDMehdi Khorrami RoozSeismic improvement of the domes of historical buildings by using the improvement of the seismic model of domes with an approach to optimal extraction in the design of modern domes.
2013MastersMarzieh EbrahimianInvestigating the structural behavior, construction form and implementation technology of traditional buildings, a case study of Qaboos Dome Tomb Tower
2013MastersNima Kei NejadBasics of forming flexible spaces in temporary housing plans after the disaster (temporary settlement design in Pardisan Park, Tehran)
2013PHDJavid Ghanbari Chah AnjiriExplanation of the strategy of development and transfer of architectural technology with an emphasis on contemporary approaches to native architecture (case example: the region of the northern border of the Persian Gulf)
2012MastersAtiya AhmadiApplication of chaos and fractal theory in project time management
2012PHDMahmoud FaizabadiExplaining the theoretical foundations of architectural technology in Iran using natural systems
2012MastersAmirreza ArdakaniParametric design to find the suitable form of high-rise residential building
2012MastersMohammad YazdiArchitecture of structures with two approaches of modeling from nature and architectural geometry
2012MastersGolnaz ZinaliDesigning protective cover for historical sites of world heritage (Takht Suleiman site)
2012MastersShima Yar AhmadiAnalyzing the role of strategic planning in promoting effective project management in case study construction projects – Formulating a strategy for a petrochemical project
2012MastersRamtin Haq Nazar KhochsaraiDesigning a flower and plant exhibition using the intelligent algorithm for designing work space structures
2011Mastersmena frozanfarOptimizing human resources in project-oriented organizations
2011MastersSeyyed Mohammad Ismail Hosseini ZavareiNew structures in architecture (study and design of retractable and retractable roofs and design of water sports complex)
2011MastersAmir motaghiChoosing the most suitable structural system of bridges using multi-criteria decision making method
2011Mastersmohadese haji aminiDigital interpretation of the traditional geometry of Islamic-Iranian architecture; Designing the exhibition center of Islamic arts
2011Mastersmena khatamiEstablishment of quality management system in the implementation of permanent insulation form technology
2011PHDHossein BastaniCreating a designer assistance system for integrating technical analysis in design
2011MastersAmir RezaeiInvestigating and presenting solutions for realizing green supply chain management in Iran’s construction industry
2011MastersSohail ArabiIncreasing the productivity of construction machinery in construction projects using RFID-JPS wireless technology. Case project: Construction of Western Railway.
2011MastersShuka DolatshahiSeismic improvement of Dar al-Siadeh portico of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.); Development plan and related equipment control center
2011PHDMohammad Bagher Kabir SaberAn introduction to the principles of recognizing structural stability in Iranian architecture; Architectural structures of the Timurid era in the holy shrine of Razavi
2010MastersMaeda KhaliliRevision of Iran’s past architectural technologies (according to today’s needs and possibilities) case study: the use and design of Iran’s pavilion at the World Expo 2015 in Milan
2010MastersSeyyed Zia HosseiniStrategic management of projects (the role of factors and strategic planning in the success of projects), a case study of the Haram to Haram project and the large projects of the Housing Foundation of Qom province
2010MastersAlireza JahanpourTime and cost management in the portfolio of projects at the level of employer organizations and beyond by redefining EVMS
2010MastersSeyyed Hamed MousaviLakhti Hazar in an oasis (design of a multi-functional complex in the desert)
2010MastersBaharak Sadat AzaminejadUsing four-dimensional modeling in order to improve the timing and cost of construction projects
2010MastersAnahita khodadadiGeometrical definition of six types of Iranian domes based on algebra (designed by the fifteenth century science and art center)
2009MastersHamze saadat ghare baghPresenting a multi-criteria genetic algorithm to optimize resource allocation, simultaneously with cost-time balancing and resource leveling.
2009MastersZahra AjurloSports and entertainment complex for children
2009MastersHamidreza Athari NikorvanApplication of artificial intelligence in choosing the structural system of high-rise buildings, design project: Smart Buildings Research Center
2009MastersEbrahim Masoudi NiaInvestigating the structural patterns of astronaut structures and the design of the sports complex in District 22 of Tehran Municipality
2009MastersMatin AlaghemendanDesigning the space bridge over the Zayandeh River in Isfahan
2009MastersMaryam Zandieh VakiliResidential tower design with ecotech approach
2008MastersSahar NiviNanotechnology research center design
2008MastersHamid FalahiCost and time management process model of small and medium industrial projects (SMEs)
2008MastersAli Firouzi MonfaredReversible cover of Goharshad courtyard and Quds courtyard of Motahar Razavi shrine
2008MastersMarjan JafarhajiVillage of computer and electronic games
2008MastersFatemeh falahFunctional investigation of decorative concrete properties in different climatic environments
2008MastersFarhad Mansouri KyojInvestigating the conventional method (design, bidding and implementation) in construction projects to improve efficiency (hospital case study)
2008MastersJavid ghanbariInvestigating the impact of indigenous construction technologies in creating interaction between the natural and artificial environment (case example: design of a residential-tourist village in Qeshm Island)
2008MastersMohammad ZakariThe passage of knowledge
2007MastersMaziar KhorramResource management in construction projects with systems dynamics approach
2007MastersMojtaba TayabatAnalyzing the contractor’s risk in the construction of prefabricated residential complexes and providing a solution
2007Mastersfoad karimiyanApplication of fuzzy expert systems in the structural design process of conventional buildings
2006PHDKatayoun Taghizadeh AzariThe importance of technology and the role of structure in the formation of architectural work with the approach of promoting contemporary Iranian architecture
1999MastersHossein YousefiDesigning a high-rise building with residential use
MastersElnaz aghaeei aslInvestigating the management capabilities of using building information modeling (BIM) in Iran’s construction industry projects
PHDAtiye AhmadiProviding a framework for time management of construction projects in a complex and chaotic environment
PHDMojtaba AmiriPresenting a model to implement and promote safety culture in construction project organizations
MastersNilofar AtaikhahDesigning a parametric tower with a bionic approach to achieve an optimal form against the wind (microorganisms are a solution for the natural ventilation of high-rise buildings) Aerodynamic tower design in Tehran)
MastersHananeh BehnamThe design of Iran’s pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 using responsive and flexible systems, inspired by the transformation of productive forms in nature
PHDSeyyed Hossein HosseiniPresenting an integrated model to evaluate the sustainability of projects of improvement and renovation of worn-out urban fabric under conditions of uncertainty
MastersAzin JalaliBio-buildings, a response to the architecture of the third millennium – the design of the Google center in Tehran
MastersSeyed Mahdi MirhafezProviding a framework for prefabrication in tall buildings based on information modeling technology
PHD Mehdi Mohammadi Ghazi mahaleCompilation of applying the lean model in the process of building 5 to 7-story apartments
PHDMohammad Mahdi NaraghianProviding a framework for measuring the complexity of the project, the study of Tehran Municipality’s infrastructure projects
MastersParisa NajDesigning an interactive art center using passive smart materials
PHDShima Nikkhoy MokamelDevelopment of the information governance framework of micro-construction projects in the integrated space of BIM-GIS in order to facilitate the management of constructions in the life cycle of the project
MastersEsmatullah NoorzaiStrategies for attracting foreign investment in order to expand infrastructure projects in developing countries
MastersReza SalarzadehDesigning a high-rise multi-functional building with the approach of optimizing the external structure topology against the dominant wind load
PHDFariba SholePresenting the conceptual framework of contextual factors affecting knowledge transfer in transnational projects
MastersRamtin TaherianIntroducing and examining the static structural design method of three-dimensional drawing in the fields of theory, technology and design
MastersNarjes Yazdan PanahCovering design for the Razavi Grand Hall of the Holy Shrine based on Responsive Architecture
MastersSeyyed Ali RouzatiComparative morphological analysis of arches with two positive curvatures, domes, integrated systems and composite systems.
PHDAbdul Reza QolipourDesigning the modeling process of homogeneous forms of nature to achieve parametric forms of artifacts, with the approach of promoting Iranian futuristic architecture
PHDFariborz KarimiImproving the symbolic features of tall buildings (identifying the reasons for not realizing the desired visual effects of tall buildings in Iran)

Dissertations and thesis under the guidance of Professor Mahmood Golabchi at University of Pars University

2022Mastersfariba pashaInvestigating the effect of urban morphology on design with the approach of reducing energy consumption using wind flow quality simulation: residential complex
2022MastersMohammad Nik ZamanRealization of the sustainability approach in facade materials of buildings in temperate and humid areas and the design of residential-welfare complex
2022MastersNarges KhosrowjerdiDesigning solar energy storage systems in order to supply electricity to the city of Tehran, municipality of region one, district one
2022MastersSayyed Maryam Al-HaghlipourThe quality of future research in the advancement of urban management in the field of historically valuable tissues
2022MastersFaraz PoivendehAgility evaluation model of project-oriented organizations in Iran’s construction industry – case study: commercial buildings
2022MastersSohail Hasani GorganiThe role of strategic leadership in creating tangible and intangible assets in the construction industry and providing an improved leadership model
2022Masterszahra vosoghEmpowering customer relationship management through content management and branding strategy with an approach of taking responsibility towards stakeholders.
2021MastersMalika TajikDesigning a therapeutic residential environment for patients with mental disorders
2021MastersSeyyed Amir AmiriBreeding and breeding complex of purebred Arabian horses with the approach of using natural patterns and open and closed structures in order to create favorable conditions and improve the quality of maintenance.
2021MastersSina ZareiDesigning social housing with a behavioral approach for low-income groups-case example: Deh Onek, Tehran
2021MastersKimia MasnaviEcological design of the landscape of urban river valleys in order to promote nature tourism in line with the paradigm of sustainable development – case example: Farahzad valley river
2021MastersZahra BakhtiariDesigning a high-rise residential building based on the sustainability values of Iranian architecture with a sustainable approach in the 22nd district of Tehran.
2021MastersSohail Jebeli PimaDesigning a residential complex with the approach of architectural interaction and digital technologies in order to preserve the sustainable values of Iranian architecture in Lavasan.
2021MastersAriana KhosropourDesigning and forming of compression shells with a manufacturing approach using a smart moving mold – Kerman Desert School
2021MastersNazanin GanjezadehDesigning a residential complex with a multi-factor optimization approach using artificial intelligence
2021MastersAli SilsporOptimizing minimum levels as a load-bearing member and using it in the design of tall buildings
2021MastersMaryam Qadiri BaftiSpatial realization of architecture with artificial intelligence algorithm- Villa complex design-
2021MastersRazia GadazgarQualitative contemporization of patterns of spatial relations of historical and traditional schools of Iran by the method of bionic space-recognition method of Iranian architecture, design of educational space in Tehran city.
2021MastersMahdia RazaghiA moving and shape-changing house compatible with nature for recreational camping and natural events inspired by aquatics
2021MastersAmene AsterkiDesigning the garden of vertical cities using renewable energies and following the example of plant restoration – District 22 of Tehran
2021MastersRambod EghtedariBiophilic architectural approach to improve mental health and reduce stress of residents in order to design a residential complex in Tehran
2021MastersNegar Zargaran KhozaniInspired by the form of a fish balloon nest for the design of the Handicrafts Museum in Chabahar with the approach of preserving the urban identity.
2021MastersNegin MirkheshtiAlgorithmic design of girls’ high school responsive to students’ psychological needs
2021MastersMarzieh TawakoliUse of renewable energies in tunnels–A case study of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani tunnel
2021MastersMohaddese TajikProviding energy in hot and dry areas by using photovoltaic cells in the direction of designing the park of the Solar Energy Architecture Museum in Yazd.
2021MastersShagaig Mohammad Hosseini HanrourInvestigating the energy architecture of native buildings and current buildings in Iran with the approach of cyclical economy and revitalizing design in the open direction of designing a flexible house.
2021MastersMotahara Rafi KhoshnoorParametric design of two-shell facade with the approach of reducing energy consumption of a case study of an office building in Tabriz city
2021MastersSina SoltaniThe design of the girls’ conservatory in Saqez with the approach of daylight with regard to thermal behavior
2021MastersAbdul Rahim ManiiDesigning a residential complex in Tehran using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to optimize energy consumption in the building.
2021MastersArash BagheriMian Afza urban open space design with the approach of social interactions and smart growth – the northern area of Vanak Square, Tehran
2021MastersFatemeh MohammadiDesigning urban landscape with the approach of developing collective space through combining spatial structure-the example of Bagh Ferdous, District 1, Tehran.
2021MastersAmir Mahdi KordbecheProviding a solution for managing the design, construction and implementation of a field hospital in crisis conditions
2021MastersSanaz NaghiApplication of six sigma method with lean thinking approach in improving the quality level of construction projects implementation in Tehran’s first ranking contracting companies.
2021MastersSina PournasiriApplication of agile thinking in effective leadership and management of remote and virtual teams
2021MastersOmid Alijani MamqaniA framework for the implementation of AR augmented reality based on BIM structural information modeling in order to improve the operation and maintenance of commercial mechanical constructions.
2020MastersShagiag beiglari forotanA comparative study of the aesthetic standards of the interior architecture of Qazvin traditional market and Iran Mall commercial complex
2020MastersSajjad JahanshahiRedesigning the housing model with a smart city approach using the Internet of Things-Case example: Tehran’s Oudlajan neighborhood.
2020MastersSeyede tahere AiatiApplication of flexible architectural components in high-rise buildings-flexible and responsive high-rise buildings to environmental changes in Tehran
2020MastersAzin Zamani IsfahaniDesigning a mosque in Vancouver, Canada with the approach of Iranian diaspora and contextual architecture
2020MastersHelia MirhosseiniSocial housing for low-income groups with the approach of sustainability and preservation of the cultural identity of the regions in the worn-out fabric of the 12th district of Tehran.
2020MastersQasim Tawakli NikThe application of digital construction techniques in architectural design by modeling the elements and geometry of Iran’s architecture – design of Qom city train interchange station
2020MastersAlireza FarhoudiDesigning tall buildings with the aim of cleaning air pollution using CFD simulation – Ministry of Energy building design
2020MastersYaqub ShahbaziPresentation of emergency evacuation methods and design of the new phase of the passenger terminal of Imam Khomeini International Airport with the approach of evacuation in emergency conditions.
2020MastersMaeda NaeemabadiParametric design based on light control system in medical centers
2020MastersZiba shirmohammadiThe use of natural patterns for the design of the movable roof and the design of the Astronomy and Astronomy Research Center of Iran with the approach of movable architecture.
2020MastersFahime BagherizadehThe design of a stadium for seventy thousand people with an open and closed roof inspired by the wings of a bat
2020MastersRoya Allah Verdi MeigoniDesigning and optimization of biomimicry interactive shells for light control in the alternative design of Tehran Book Garden.
2020MastersMoin MalikiReplacement of the hard roof structure system with arm brace with the aim of creating a favorable architectural space in the design of high-rise buildings – the design of the Astan Quds building in Bagh Khordin, Tehran.
2020MastersHaniye OmidDesigning a sustainable residential complex using 3D printing technology
2020MastersNegar MirzadehChangeable shells with origami geometry and inspiration from plants in the design of Babol Book Garden
2020MastersMustafa TaghizadehDesigning flexible modular buildings that can be expanded for nomadic life or post-disaster accommodation inspired by natural structures.
2020MastersNaghme EsmailiDesigning the second phase of operation of power plants during retirement using flexible folding sheet structures based on origami – a case study of Niam Mapna Power Plant
2020MastersAli EsfandiariPresenting new prefab construction methods with a sustainable development approach for post-earthquake accommodation and designing a prefabricated modular residential town.
2020MastersHora Nasr AzadaniThe use of smart energy storage polymers in the design of the research building of the Ministry of Oil located in Shahrak Gharb
2020MastersMohaddese DaraieInvestigating the application of natural geometric patterns in the selection of tall building structure-design of tall building of Bionic Research Institute
2020MastersBahare ImamiInteractive architecture using generative design in order to organize collective space in adaptable plaza
2020MastersMarzieh Khalili SadrabadiResponsive intelligent building design of the Ministry of Oil building with the approach of reducing energy consumption in Pardisan Park
2020MastersAmir Arslan ToraniThe use of biobilik approach and algorithmic architecture in the design of the connection-oriented Masaksoni complex in Tehran
2020MastersHoman Hosseini TabatabayiDesigning post-accident accommodation compatible with environmental conditions and expanding the form using natural patterns
2020MastersSaba BagheriDesigning structures derived from nature in tall buildings, designing residential towers with a biomimetic approach and algorithms derived from nature.
2020MastersFatemeh ZamaniDesigning a water-sensitive residential complex in Yazd city with a regional approach
2020MastersSeyed Anahita Mirani MahalatiPathology of energy loss in residential buildings and providing solutions for thermal energy recovery – design of a high-rise residential building in Tehran from the perspective of consumption optimization
2020MastersFarzin KarimiDesigning a park and a recreational-commercial complex with maximum efficiency of solar energy
2020MastersMahdis Bani AsadDesigning an inactive shelter and self-sufficient energy consumption with the approach of underground areas for temporary accommodation in Yazd city.
2020MastersFarnaz ArmandDesigning a portable residence with an emphasis on independence from urban infrastructure and compatible with the nature and climate of Qeshm
2020MastersIman Moradi Lat MahalehInvestigating the use of smart materials in the design of administrative buildings in a moderate and humid climate – the design of the Rasht governorate building
2020MastersHamed JalaliDesigning a green shell responsive to the environmental conditions in a public hospital, in order to take advantage of the natural ventilation-redesign of Hazrat Masoumeh Kermanshah Hospital.
2020MastersMelika SoleimaniDesigning urban space with an ecological approach in order to respond to crises caused by floods
2020MastersAli karimiEvaluating the social and physical condition of dilapidated tissues from the point of view of urban management and providing solutions for the improvement of dilapidated tissues in Tehran – case study: Sina Street; Briyank neighborhood, district 10
2020MastersManizheh JafariEvaluation of quality of life indicators with the approach of urban livability using NAP model – case example: neighborhoods of district 2, district 6 of Tehran
2020MastersDelina AziziElectronic city design with the approach of improving living qualities – a case study of Kermanshah-Juanroud
2020MastersHamidreza AhmadiThe solutions for matching the industrial construction systems for the construction of tall buildings with the sustainable architecture approach
2020MastersAmir Atabek QadirpourChoosing the decision model of construction materials in order to achieve the optimization of building energy consumption – case study: the era of construction of high-rise buildings in Tehran
2020MastersHossein AbdiCost optimization solutions in supplying and equipping construction workshops of construction projects of Iran’s first-ranked building companies using the Hierarchical Analysis Process of EHP
2020MastersMaeda GholamiSolutions for using lean thinking in improving the level of resilience of construction projects under construction by construction companies ranked 1
2020MastersShayan ShapurianEvaluation and modification of the project management information system and its effect on the performance of successful project managers and infrastructure projects in Tehran using the Lewis Raymond model.
2020MastersAmir Hossein Ziai GarviCompilation and updating models for estimating damages and casualties caused by the vulnerability of tall buildings in Tehran against earthquakes.
2020MastersBahram MoradabadiProviding a framework for managing inconsistencies between the construction and operation period in order to reduce the operation period costs with the BIM approach in commercial administrative buildings.
2020MastersSalar EskanderzadehEvaluation of factors affecting sustainable development in the construction of construction projects with a lean management approach against crises and emergency situations
2020MastersMohammad Reza MahfoziIdentification and prioritization of factors affecting the interaction of stakeholders to improve the time and cost management of construction projects in Iran
2020MastersErfana SorayaiArtificial intelligence solutions in human resource management for productivity and improving the performance of the human force working in the construction projects of the first rank companies in Tehran.
2020MastersMahdia HamouniClaim prediction in insurance-oriented projects using logistic regression and artificial neural network-a case study of insurance-oriented companies in Mashhad
2020MastersAli KhodaeiThe role of electronic commerce in improving the procurement management processes of construction industry projects and choosing the right model
2020MastersHamed NematiInvestigating the barriers to implementing value engineering in mass housing projects
2020MastersNilofar Farhadipour NiktrashThe use of building information modeling for the implementation of lean construction with the approach of reducing time and cost in construction projects-case example: Mamounieh school project
2020MastersAria Dad Mohammadi EsfahaniIncreasing productivity in the building by using prestressing and dry wall technologies with the aim of reducing cost and implementation time
2020MastersMilad AlimardaniThe comparison of the general agreement with FIDIC international contracts in terms of claims and providing the optimal contractual model of the general conditions of the agreement in Iran projects.
2020MastersFatemeh Mohammadi PanahSustainability in complex organizations from the perspective of adaptive and dynamic system approaches
2020MastersMehrdad Mohammadi AslIdentification of Internet of Things indicators in the success of executive incident management in the construction stages of high-level construction projects
2020MastersMozhdeh KhilnejadPathology of the management of construction projects during the economic recession and providing implementation solutions in the contracts
2020MastersNeda RahmanaPresenting a model to secure buildings after a fire accident
2020MastersSeyyed Mohammad Reza ShujaeiIdentifying the problems of managing the operation and maintenance of the football stadium – a case study of Azadi Stadium and compiling its optimal management solutions
2020MastersPeyman Nasiri DarabiThe effect of outsourcing construction management in reducing legal claims and risks during the operation and maintenance of urban buildings
2020MastersHoda FarhanakianFlexible housing design using sustainable architectural patterns of Iran with intelligent architecture approach
2019MastersNastern AlirezaeiDesigning a green cultural complex using open and closing roofs with an environmental sustainability approach
2019MastersFatemeh DarbanRevival of the concept of central life and respect for nature in today’s tall buildings with a sustainable architecture approach
2019MastersShahriar MasoumiDesigning an artistic cultural complex with the approach of extracting form from music
2019MastersAzar Muharram NiaDesign of theater and music hall with responsive architecture approach and use of nano technology in Ardabil
2019MastersAnali DahimDesigning a floating hotel in Kish with marine energy approach
2019MastersSadeg PartoiizadehExhibition of four seasons of flowers and plants in Tehran with emphasis
2019MastersMahsa BagheriThe effect of the combination of the physical characteristics of the building shell and natural ventilation patterns on the amount of energy consumption in residential buildings in the temperate climate of Babolsar city.
2019MastersSeyyed Maziar TorabiDesign of open and closed shells inspired by the human body and its use in high-rise residential buildings
2019MastersMina BehzadDesigning an office building in Tehran with BIM’s integration approach and improving the facade of the building
2019MastersMohammad FarahaniPlasko building site design and organization with critical regionalism approach
2019MastersSamiya MullaThe design of Pars University of Architecture and Art with an educational approach based on construction with an emphasis on educational spaces
2019MastersAmirhossein RezaeiDesigning a commercial-administrative complex with the approach of regulating and improving solar energy by means of a sustainable smart facade
2019MastersAbuzar MovahediDesigning prefabricated and sustainable modules in terms of energy consumption
2019MastersShida MoghadamDesigning a smart tall building with an open and closed shell approach based on wind speed and solar radiation
2019MastersArian Dokht GeramiPsychology of design based on the five senses and the design of the rehabilitation center for neuropsychiatric patients
2019MastersShafaq JavidiThe application of Internet of Things technology with the approach of optimizing multi-purpose spaces in the design of a smart office building in Pardis Technology Park.
2019MastersMehrbod PakbazDesigning a shopping center with the approach of using virtual reality
2019MastersNilofar Shaabani RavariDesigning the movable roof of the water sports complex with an optimization approach
2019MastersRamin Ghaemi GregariDesigning a commercial complex with a smart and interactive parametric view
2019MastersVahid AziziMarket design with a modeling approach based on natural algorithms in Tehran
2019MastersFatemeh Rafi NiyaThe design of the passenger terminal with the formation of the structure based on natural patterns
2019MastersMahshad AzimiThe application of the finite element method and structural design using artificial intelligence in the framework of designing an exhibition stand in Tehran.
2019MastersMohaddese TaheriDesigning the center of new technologies and sciences in Mashhad with the parametric design approach of smart shells
2019MastersSahar Askari TepeDesigning a multi-purpose space with an interactive and responsive shell – by studying how to transform a folding engineering system into a memory system using robotics
2019MastersFatemeh HemmatiThe design of a high-rise commercial office building with the approach of smart windows in response to sunlight in Tehran
2019MastersSeyyed Samira Naimai MousaviPresenting a solution for the purpose of designing a temporary residential complex after natural disasters by using recycled condos – Area 22
2019MastersFatemeh Asadi JafariResearch center for treatment and protection of animal species… attracting tourists
2019MastersEllahe MosefidThe design of Pars University’s Bionic Institute is based on skins compatible with environmental changes and inspired by the adaptability of human cells.
2019MastersSara RustikhahDesigning the center of science and technology of tensile structures of Iran using spider web materials and geometry in cables
2019Mastersmojdeh kharashahiThe design of a five-star hotel with the approach of optimizing energy consumption in accordance with the energy index of Joe-Lead in Babolsar
2019MastersAmir Hossein ZekriDesigning a commercial office tower in Tehran using the phyllotaxy technique for optimal use of sunlight
2019MastersArasteh IraniDesigning a sustainable town with a resilience approach against climate change based on energy management in residential units
2019MastersSina ParvareshDesigning a commercial office building in Tehran with an energy optimization approach according to the LED regulations
2019MastersMehrdad FarahaniInvestigating traditional and modern ways of using thermal mass in architecture
2019MastersFereshte QelichiStudy of tall office buildings with transparent shells in order to design the office building of Tehran with the approach of benefiting from natural ventilation
2019MastersSaba NazarianOptimum and intelligent shell design of administrative-commercial building derived from Iranian-Islamic patterns and using nanomaterials with a thermal comfort approach in the hot and dry climate of Tehran.
2019MastersSara Atashi GolestanInvestigating the effect of green walls in the building with an emphasis on energy saving and the effect of climatic considerations and building design of the building and energy research center with the green architecture approach of Mashhad city
2019MastersSahar LabafanInvestigating the view of two shells in tall buildings from the perspective of energy and hotel design in Kish Island
2019MastersDiba SafaviInvestigating the green roof and its effect on the heat island phenomenon and the amount of energy consumption – in order to design a residential complex in Tehran
2019MastersPeyman AhmadiInvestigating the effect of the facade of two shells with vegetation on reducing energy consumption and designing a residential complex in the climatic conditions of Isfahan
2019MastersMarjan NikokarDesigning an eco-oriented urban space with an emphasis on functional-physical features by a spatial multi-criteria decision-making model in Semnan city.
2019MastersAzin Bahram PuriContext-oriented urban space design with an emphasis on spatial structure interconnection using UNA urban network analysis method – case example: Oudlajan neighborhood of Tehran
2019MastersAbbas TavaslianComparison of the effect of different HSE management frameworks in improving the performance of construction project contractors
2019MastersAlireza TovanaTime and cost management using construction information modeling to prevent rework
2019MastersFarzad SohrabizadehPresenting a suitable model for choosing the project execution system from the employer’s point of view using the network analysis method – freeway projects of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development
2019MastersSolmaz AhmadzadehSolutions for using building information modeling
2019MastersNina MansouriIdentifying and analyzing the challenges of contractors in the field of payments, arising from the process and contractual terms – case study: Kisson Company
2019MastersToheed Ebad Allahi KasabaIdentification and role of project complexity factors on the sustainable development of construction industry projects
2019MastersNoshad PazhoheshIdentifying and prioritizing the success factors of BIM building information modeling using network analysis and fuzzy logic calculations
2019MastersEbrahim Farahani AlaviOptimizing risk response strategies of off-site construction projects by combining FME and meta-initiative techniques.
2019MastersNazanin Esminejad LemouchiEvaluating the effectiveness of the project team’s competencies and skills on reducing the deviation from the construction schedule of buildings with intelligent system.
2019MastersMohammad Mehdi DehaqinOptimizing energy consumption solutions in the view
2019MastersMojgan MortezaiChoosing the right method of maintenance and repair of oil drilling rigs according to the existing infrastructure facilities in Iranian yards.
2019MastersTahmine Gachkar TehraniNew solutions of energy management in reducing costs during the period of operation in the management of commercial buildings in Tehran
2019MastersHossein AtashbarThe role of building management in the operation of residential complexes in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse effects in Tehran
2019MastersZahra Philashi TonekaboniIdentifying indicators for improving energy management performance in the operation of high-rise office buildings with intelligent management systems in Tehran
2019Bachelor’s degreeZahra ShakuriDesigning the Burghan tourist accommodation complex with an approach
2018MastersMaral SaberianThe design of a mid-level office building with a smart and responsive facade based on nature
2018MastersNima Alai NejadThe design of Tehran International Hotel with the approach of smartening the external shell in order to improve the efficiency of energy consumption
2018MastersJamal FallahAlternative housing design in Tehran’s worn-out context
2018MastersSeyyed Javad KhademiDesigning a temporary shelter after an accident
2018MastersSayyed Younes Amir FarkhaniVertical city design with sustainability approach in Tehran
2018MastersSiavash SaifPresenting a model in order to improve the process of architectural design based on the ideas of pure principles with the approach of building information modeling
2018MastersSaeed RezavandThe role of strategy – process acceleration mode – in the success of EPC projects in the 1st construction companies in Iran
2018MastersFarnaz Hosseini YarandiThe effect of ergonomic space on the productivity of human resources by mediating job satisfaction-case example: staff working in the projects of engineering and user development company.
2018MastersBehzad ZainaliDesigning a high-rise residential building with the approach of improving physical health and flexibility of architectural performance in district one of Tehran
2018Masterskhatereh Hassanzadeh Designing a flexible, resistant and mobile temporary structure inspired by nature and a technological approach
2018MastersMahsa Zarei KargarHousing design for young people in tall buildings with emphasis on social sustainability in the center of vertical neighborhoods
2018MastersAmin EftekhariDesigning a vertical sustainable city in Tehran with the approach of using renewable energies
2018MastersMilad Aziz MohammadiDesign based on adaptive mobile architecture with exploratory system strategy to achieve an optimal structural system.
2018MastersMustafa Shiri AliabediGeometric optimization of the structural system of the cable network on the facade of the tall building of the Tehran World Science Foundation
2018MastersSoheila GhasemiOptimizing the architectural form of tall buildings to resist lateral load with a parametric approach
2018MastersMaryam Zabarjedi RaghebThe design of Iran’s pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020 using sustainable architecture in the external walls of the building
2018MastersZahra YousefiThe design of the modern research science center inspired by the human eyelid in the design of the smart facade
2018MastersZahra RezaeiDesigning based on the grammar of shape-block city
2018MastersMohsen AfshariParametric design of structures with arch behavior for a multi-purpose exhibition in Tehran
2018MastersEllahe Kiani MoghaddamDesigning an international exhibition based on flexible structures
2018MastersShaghaig VahdaniDesigning the building of the Ministry of Oil with the approach of optimizing the placement and shape of belt trusses
2018MastersEbrahim Asadi GolmayiDesigning a high-rise building with a green facade with the approach of reducing pollution
2018MastersSaha MovahedDesigning a metro station building in Tehran using micro algae panels to clean the air and provide energy
2018MastersSeyed Mahdis MirsadeghiDesigning a shell to collect rainwater inspired by nature for the development of vertical agriculture
2018MastersRoya DaudabadiDesigning the building of the New Materials and Technology Research Center, designing the structure with the approach of modeling nature with recycled materials.
2018MastersIman Sheikh AnsariDesigning mass custom housing
2018MastersIraj ZibaieeFeasibility measurement of electrical energy production in buildings in high-rise administrative buildings in Tehran using wind turbines
2018MastersMaryam AzadiReducing heat load in passive solar systems using phase change materials
2018MastersSara EbadiArchitectural compliance with lead characteristics and the design of a residential complex in Tehran at the level of the gold standard
2018MastersSeyyed Mohammad Mousavi MonazehThe design of Padafa research administrative commercial tower – Iranian science and technology researchers
2018MastersRamtin MontazerOptimization of energy consumption in the design of night lighting of urban nodes
2018MastersNoorulhadi Ahmad SoltaniDesigning the optimal distance between two walls in the facade of two shells in order to improve the thermal comfort conditions of the interior space related to the wall
2018MastersMelika Niko RaveshDesigning a residential green building in the 22nd district of Tehran
2018MastersMahsa Pashai FarProviding optimal dimensions of windows in residential buildings
2018MastersAlireza YariImproving the performance of the solar chimney system in natural ventilation
2018MastersSepehr ParsaiDesigning a shopping center combining urban space with a focus on sustainability with the help of energy simulation based on building information modeling
2018MastersNazanin Nik FarjamThe principles of shadow control of tall buildings on the surrounding environment and the design of residential towers based on these principles
2018MastersMassoud DarmishiFinding the appropriate form of high-rise office building considering the effect of radiation and wind in Tehran city
2018MastersNeda ShiriUIM’s urban information modeling inspired by BIM in providing the best model for urban design projects of the Tehran-Tabriz railway tunnel.
2018MastersMohammad Reza MehdizadehPresenting new models for increasing the safety of construction projects based on large-scale field studies of Yaran construction projects
2018MastersHamidreza EbrahimiThe role of BIM and Material Information Bank in preventing the deviation of actual costs from the plan in the management of construction projects of Tehran’s 1st rank companies.
2018MastersHossein FarahaniIntroduction of obstacles to comprehensive and mandatory implementation of green buildings by Tehran Municipality
2018MastersSetare Falah NiaIdentification and analysis of factors affecting project team agility
2018MastersSeyyed Ali AbbaspourImproving the methods of visualization of real estate buildings using real-time virtual tours
2018MastersHossein FarhoudiThe role of organizational and structural innovations in improving and developing the performance of Iran’s construction industry
2018MastersReza VakefFinancing challenges in PPP contracts and proposed solutions
2018MastersAsal Zamanizade NajariThe role of construction materials management in improving the productivity of construction project management and its implementation strategies in companies with the rank of one building in Iran.
2018MastersAli PicanoCompilation of safety performance indicators in the management of construction projects in order to determine the safety performance measurement framework and improve it in Iran’s first rank building companies.
2018MastersFarnaz Hosseini YarandiThe effect of ergonomic space on manpower productivity with the mediation of job satisfaction-Iran gas development
2018MastersBehnaz AlinejadProviding a model to increase private sector participation
2018MastersMohammad Mehdi GolbafProviding a structure for the implementation of BIM building information modeling in companies active in the field of domestic construction industry
2018MastersFrank NoroziImplementation of value engineering in construction projects with the approach of optimal selection of materials using hierarchical analysis – case example: Ansar Bank’s administrative building
2018MastersGhazal LaliSolutions to reduce occupational stress in high-rise buildings projects in order to increase productivity
2018MastersBahare GhasempourExplaining the strategy of win-win communication and stakeholders to achieve the success of project management
2018MastersNyusha NejabatFour layers in order to integrate information within the organization
2018MastersMahin NaghipourDeveloping an optimal construction management strategy with the aim of improving operation and maintenance systems in Tehran-Kuroosh commercial complexes.
2018MastersFaizeh AkbarzadehPresenting a model of crisis management during the occurrence of natural disasters – earthquake – in order to effectively use water resources and urban facilities in Iran.
2018Bachelor’s degreeMaeda GholamiDesigning an ecotourism resort complex on the shores of the Caspian Sea
2018Bachelor’s degreeErfana SorayaiAvan house – Bom Gardi village of Avan lake
2018Bachelor’s degreeSeyed Elahe MousaviThe design of the green school in Tehran inspired by the educational methods of Japanese schools
2018Bachelor’s degreeParasto MasomiDesigning a recreational complex for the elderly – with the aim of health
2017MastersAzadeh ShafaieTalent search center for children with the approach of child psychology in architectural design
2017MastersHirad Nariman NejadIran’s exhibition at Expo 2020 in Dubai
2017MastersLeila MohagheghiAdaptive intelligent design based on environmental conditions and commercial office tower design in Tehran
2017MastersFarhad MohebiExamining the properties of materials in the form finding process according to the properties of self-organization of materials – digital art exhibition
2017MastersSayyed Hossein Sayyed EbrahimpourDesigning an exhibition of digital art works using the rules governing modeling based on intelligent agents
2017MastersMorteza EbrahimianGeometric optimization in the design of the religious-design spaces of the western entrance of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.).
2017MastersShadi JahangiriDesigning future tall buildings based on the structural system of the human body
2017MastersSaeed MolaiInspiration from the glass sea sponge structure in the exterior design of the tall building – 40-story office building in Zanjan
2017MastersZohre Sadat GhasemiDesigning the smart shell of a shopping center using agent-based theory
2017MastersMaryam Abdar EsfahaniThe architecture of the therapist, investigating the effect of architecture on the improvement of the treatment process – design of the chemotherapy center
2017MastersFatemeh AflatoniDesigning a moving exhibition space on water inspired by the anatomy of aquatic organisms
2017MastersMina kolahkajImproving the facade of the building by using nano-structural colors based on the pattern of the morpho-design butterfly wing of the commercial-administrative complex in Tehran
2017MastersHosna Sadat HosseiniReducing carbon dioxide emissions during the period of building operation with an emphasis on design parameters in the initial stages – Tehran office
2017MastersHossein SetaraDesigning a tall office building with the aim of reducing wind shadow effects
2017Bachelor’s degreeAzin ZamaniDesigning an ecotourism center in Maranjab desert
2017Bachelor’s degreeFatemeh AbdiInterior Architecture of Pars University Library
2016MastersSaba SamadiDesigning a digital architecture faculty with a parametric approach in sustainability
2016MastersSaeed SepehriThe design of Iran’s Digital Architecture Center based on the passive mechanism with an understanding of the development mechanisms in nature
2016Bachelor’s degreeBehzad ZainaliDesigning a residential complex of 80 units in District 22 of Tehran
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